We are Jack and Val and we live here at Little Middop Farm. We purchased the farm in late 2020, and the first thing we fell in love with was the spectacular views of the Ribble Valley and the dominating Pendle Hill.

Instantly we decided that we will share our little slice of countryside with others so we came up with the idea of camping pods in our Meadow. We didn’t want to disrupt the Meadow and the wildlife by digging it up for laying water pipes and electric cables etc so we spent hours and hours researching an ‘Off grid’ alternative. And that is when we found the Landpods. They are designed and made here in the UK so were ideal with fitting with or ethos, and they are pretty funky too!

Our hearts are in nature and we wanted to build on the resources we have, so we have been working closely with the Farming in Protected Landscapes team to regenerate a natural habitat for wildlife and trees .. theres more about that on our conservation page…

Obviously we couldn’t have the farm without a few animals, but they aren’t what you would expect!

We have rescue chickens which we rehomed from an intensive egg farm, so they have come here to spend their days in the sunshine pottering around the fields. They love being fed by hand and cuddled, plus we get the odd egg too.. bonus!

And finally we have our own honey bees. We have a total of 10 hives (don’t worry they aren’t near the pods). Each hive houses approximately 80,000 bees and they provide us with Honey (which we sell in our online shop or to our guests), but best of all they are fantastic pollinators for the local area and our Meadow.

We are always happy to talk to people about what we are doing and projects that are ongoing, so if you are paying us a visit then please come and talk to us. We hope you enjoy our pods and vision as much as we do!

Jack and Val x